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    Survival Mirror is the most effective daylight-signaling device

    A signal mirror is an essential in any survival kit; the ultra-bright signaling tool  can be seen from up to 10 miles away, alerting potential rescuers of your location… you can be spotted from the air, the water or the ground.  My personal favourite is a SOL Signal Mirror, it’s lightweight, shatterproof and you can easily aim the reflector with one hand, which is ideal in an emergency.   An unexpected bonus is that it “Floats”; practical for hazards involving wilderness water crossings and for those who partake in recreational water activities; such as kayaking, canoeing, and boating. 

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure,  My Blog

    Water Bottle – Essential for every Adventure!

    During outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, mountaineering or walking in the wilderness the importance of remaining hydrated cannot be overestimated.   Carrying a water bottle encourages you to drink more water throughout the day. My preferred Water Bottle is the Explorer, a 650mi vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle.. Two 650mi bottles provide enough water for about 15 miles of hiking; carry one on each side of a pack, provide balance and importantly make sure they are easy to reach. The Polar Race 2009 – Arctic Drinks (on the move). We stopped every hour for five minutes to drink from our flasks. (“Live a Life to Die For”) The simplest method…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure,  My Blog

    Hatchet Axe – for Camping and Bushcraft Needs

    An indispensable item in your backpacking survival kit is a Hatchet Axe. The fibreglass axe handles are durable and take rough abuse; also have great shock absorption properties. It’s an ideal in length, 355 mm and weight 0.7 kg; with a protective safety holster with clip for carrying with you and a lanyard hole in the handle. It’s versatility is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, from cutting down trees and bushes; requires less of backswing when preparing and splitting your firewood in tight spaces. Handy, when building an impromptu shelter from the elements.  Effective for self-defence against 2 & 4 legged predators.

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    Water Purifier…for ultimate protection

    LifeSaver® water purifiers are designed to remove 99.99% of protozoa, bacteria and viruses, making it a reliable and effective solution for purifying water in various settings. It’s the most practical and healthiest method that can be used for all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking, as well as for emergency preparedness and humanitarian aid projects. Lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal solution for trekkers and backpackers. Additionally, clean water has additional benefits such as detoxifying the body, aiding digestion, promoting clearer skin, boosting general health, and strengthening the immune system. It can also be helpful for rural communities and schools. The average person can survive…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure,  My Blog

    No Cell Signal…  “Don’t Worry, be Happy” say hello to Zoleo

    Never do you need to climb a mountain, row an ocean or trek in the wilderness without a proven device that enables the connections you need! The robust ‘Zoleo’ provides seamless connectivity via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of mobile coverage… It has a built-in SOS ‘Alert’ button, with 24/7 monitoring and progress updates; also has a ‘peace of mind’ check-in button. Helps keep you safe — even if your smartphone is damaged or out of battery life.

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    Emergency Distress Whistle Signals…

    If you find yourself involved in and/or witnessing an outdoor emergency and need to summon help, there is an established international distress signal for whistles Blast for help, loudly and hold for approx. 3 seconds. I can personally confirm the Acme Survival Whistle can be heard as far as a mile away.  *** If you can be heard, you can be found and rescued!!!

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure

    Multi-Tool for Adventurers

    ‘Multi-Tool’,they are by far first choice on my survival kit list….. best strap one of these onto your belt                                                                 Your selection between the Wave, Surge, Signal,or Skeletool can depend on your next adventure; trekking, camping, fishing or general outdoors repairs.   Benefit of the durable and dependable multi-tool is it’s a ‘single’ tool that’s so easy to access; yet it includes a variety of multi-tool functions: for example > Large blade, serrated knife blade, bottle & can openers, screwdriver 5 mm, lockable, wire stripper, ,…

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    Adventurer’s must-have Survival Shovel for ‘tasks’ in camp, on the trail or in the wilds.

    Multi benefits & Uses Except from “Live a Life to Die For” by Roger Davies (page 129). Then I would cut snow blocks to be melted for drinking and cooking. I continued to secure the pulks, shovelling snow to cover the valence, to help keep the draughts to a minimum and also stops snow being blown up between the inner and outer tent in high wind and blizzard conditions. I then dug a little cold air trench in the vestibule space between the tent’s inner and outer door. This allows space for cold air to sink below the platform on which you are sleeping. Every little bit counts. It also gives…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure,  My Blog

    Sometimes problem weather is more than a weather problem

    Emergency Thermal Blankets and Bags are essential in your survival kit; providing emergency shelter from the cold, wet and wind  ‘Safety’ Orange is used to set objects apart, making it easily visible to the human eye even in poor lighting conditions… Survival is Sustaining your Life: Anything that makes it easier for the *search & rescue services* to locate you, is a plus.