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    “If you get lost”

    My, not so secret, simple but basic advice Your 3 immediate Priorities for survival are Shelter, Water and Fire. Tips on Shade Shelter …. Protection from Heat • Dig or rake the surface too uncovered cooler ground and build a lean-to shelter of sticks and branches over it• Since, the purpose of this shelter is to create shade use any available fabric or natural foliage to cover the sunny side.• Chill out in the cool soil beneath the shade.  Tips on an Insulated Shelter that can help protect you from the cold, the wet and Hypothermia.  If you’re on your own, your body heat will be the main source of warmth, so build your shelter…

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    Kayak The English Channel

    BBC . South East Today – Evening News 25.6.2021 – I’m on the Telly!!! This is me in the red kayak, sporting my “Chemo Curls’ ‘, paddling from Dungeness to Boulogne! Celebrating six months, to the day, (3rd Feb -3rd August) my last chemotherapy treatment. Having rung the end of treatment bell, I remain cancer free. Approaching Boulonge Harbour. Caught by Gendarmerie. After paddling 22.6 miles from Dungeness, a high-speed motorboat with its blue light flashing; crewed by armed  Maritime Gendarmrie intercepted us; we were a mere 200 metres from Boulonge’s Harbour entrance. Gendarmrie – You don’t look like migrants going the wrong way; so what are you doing? Our response – It…

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    Sahara Desert Trek March 2015

    The record high temperature of the Sahara was 136°F /  58°C! To me, the Sahara displays an awe-inspiring uniqueness as did the North Pole. They share extremes of contrasts yet alike in so many ways; legend, mystery and raw beauty. Both can and will kill you if you don’t respect them. The Sahara is the largest non-polar desert on our planet; 3,320,000 square miles (8,600,000 square km) If you take the wrong dune and lose your way, you’re in deep do-do, (shit)! A desert is a barren area, defined by averaging less than 10 inches / 25cm of precipitation (rainfall) each year. Clear skies, light wind and dry air helps the…

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    Mt Kilimanjaro 2010 and again in 2012

    Mt Kilimanjaro is on the northern border of Tanzania, 200 miles south of the equator. It is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, rising out of the African plains to an impressive 5,895m (19,340ft) above sea level; not to be underestimated. Myself and friends embarked on a huge personal challenge, to climb the highest mountain on the African continent by the Machame Route in 2010. I returned in September 2012  with a total metal knee replacement, this time I selected to summit ‘Kili’ by the quieter Rongai Route.. We reached the summit; Uhuru Peak, at 5,895 metres the highest point in all of Africa. Darkness was gradually replaced by…

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    Rugby on Everest 2019

    In April 2019 we trekked in the footsteps of Mallory and Irvine, up the Magic Highway’ to Mt Everest’s Advance Base Camp (ABC3) 6,500m/ 21,000 feet; which is just below the North Col to play two games of Rugby on a glacier. Myself and Lesley, trekked and played alongside, Rugby stars Lee Mears, Ollie Phillips, Shane Williams, Tamara Taylor plus 20 inspirational men and women to help raise more than £250,000 for children with disabilities and facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland. The Rugby Challenge took place across 24 days; our group battled acclimatisation and altitude to play the World Record for highest ever game  of mixed seven-a-side ‘Touch Rugby’ at Everest Base…

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    The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – January/February 2016

      It was approaching midnight on the 28th Jan 2016 – I was sitting in my rowing position, on the “Toby Wallace”, a light-weight ocean rowing boat; ‘primed and ready for an attempt’ on a world record. Our challenge was to Row across the North Atlantic, setting off from Marina Puerto De Mogan Gran Canaria, 4815Km. / 2992 miles to Port St Charles Barbados faster than anyone before. I was musing !!!!    Rowing the Atlantic seemed a good idea at the time. On reflection !!!!    However the reality, as with much of life, it’s not all it seems. Ocean Rowers will row for 12 hour in every 24…

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    Roger Davies first leg on an incredible Atlantic Adventure

    Picture of Roger Davies first leg on an incredible Atlantic Adventure whilst on the helm of the Southern Child, a 40ft yacht. The picture was take whilst crossing the infamous Bay of Biscay on a 2000miles passage to Las Palmas; to become acquaint to the sea.  My second ‘big’ mistake. Sea sickness is bad enough but I fell awkwardly during a heavy squall and gave my knee a really walloping; causing a swollen lump rise up to the size of an orange, on the inner side of my metal knee. I personally attempted to feed most of the fish between the English Channel and all the way across the Bay of Bisque.

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    “The World’s Toughest Race”

    There I was, at the ripe old age of 61 yrs, with 28 yrs of sobriety behind me, standing shoulder to shoulder with my teammate, James Trotman 34 yrs; ready and willing to race, against four determined teams of three extreme adventurers; in probably the World’s Toughest Race – The Polar Race. We set off from Resolute Bay, Nunavut (74°43’N and 94°53’W), to walk / ski, dragging all our food and equipment on pulks 648 km / 403 miles to the North Magnetic Pole. Insanity? No, I’ve learned that insanity involves doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. Having never attempted to race across the most desolate terrain…