Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure

A Versatile Tool for some Wild Jobs …Hand Saw

A “Hand Saw” is a must-have for every adventure, from a day’s hiking to the rigours of long expeditions into the backcountry; I encourage my fellow travellers to each pack one.

You may choose to carry a lightweight Folding Hand Saw on your belt; an ideal Bushcraft Saw for camping, gardening or on a hike. 

Or the versatile heavy-duty handsaw when Trekking or for the Wilderness Adventures: my proven favourite has the comfortable pistol grip and razor-sharp teeth, that makes for a superb go to work saw!

Both have an efficient ‘pull stroke’ cutting action is protective of the blade and importantly “less tiring” to use… 

There are many ways a ‘Saw’ comes in handy ; on occasions it is the survivalist best friend.