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    Head Torch       “You need to ‘see’ where you’re going”.

    During any Adventure, whether a Hiker, Trekker, Climber, Angler or an experienced Survivalist; when nightfall’s your biggest threat is poor visibility! One of the most important pieces of gear I highly recommend you take with you is a quality Head-Torch it will provide you with extra security thus giving you peace of mind. In the dark a head torch will reveal unseen obstacles & avoid accidents, assist you navigating after dark and survive a wilderness adventure. On a Multi-day expedition / events I take a spare…  A head torch is indispensable and even better its ‘Hands Free’!          My personal favourite is NightSearcher Zoom 700R

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    The Pulk… low-slung small sled.

    When we set off from Resolute,on Resolute Bay, (74° 43’ N and 94° 53’ W), in the territory of Nunavut, Canada, to walk/ski for 648 km (403 miles), pulling our food and equipment on an Aiguille pulk, bound for the Magnetic North Pole. My body harness was attached by rope and bungee cord to a heavy load with no braking system, the pulk was remarkably stable whilst being manhandled over sea ice rubble! The Aiguille Expedition Pulks are a simple and bombproof, with easily adaptable hauling systems and has a load carrying capability of up to 100 kg ; designed to perform to below -35 degrees C. For 12-hour each day I leaning into my harness in order to drag my pulk…

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    A good quality, versatile rucksack is a must have for any trek

    I am a supporter of Aiguille‘s reliable products; ranging from Rucksacks that are crafted to accommodate from a day’s hiking to gear that can withstand the rigours of long expeditions into the wilderness A good quality, versatile rucksack is a must have for any trek-  short, medium or an adventure in both the Summer or Winter. The main requirements > Comfortable : Capacity for your Essentials : Showerproof  : Bomb-proof Whatever Adventurer you are going on, your durable rucksack’s capacity must be sufficient to carry a day’s worth of gear, food & water. To be comfortable your rucksack needs to be stable; a padded waist & shoulder straps and supportive back. Handy sized bottle pockets and…

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    Types of Knife Blades and what tasks they’re best suited…

    Drop-point : good compromise between strength and utility Sheepsfoot : no-nonsense utility knife – slicing, whittling & ideal to cut rope Lambsfoot : popular with farmers, amongst its many uses is the trimming of lambs’ hooves! Wharncliffe : ideal for slicing, minimizing an accidental puncture with the tip Clip-point : for more delicate and precision work Straight Back : sturdy, ideal for cutting and chopping Tanto Blade : strong, handy for pushing cuts and piercing Needle-point & Spear-point : fighting and stabbing (illegal in many places). Gut Hook : skinning and field dressing wild game Trailing-Point : filleting, skinning and camp food prepping Spey : favored by hunters and trappers…

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    FOOD… is Fuel

    An average person can survive up to 3 Weeks without Food Our body and brain require a steady supply of food and nutrients: without the body’s many systems will begin to deteriorate. The effects may include you feeling tired, weak, cognitive changes and ultimately organ failure. When on an Adventure – I recommend freeze dried meals for your health, enjoyment and survival. I have eaten freeze dried meals on many adventures and climates; including trekking to the North Pole , climbing Mountains and rowing the Atlantic; they are quick and easy to prepare, high in energy, carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Firepot has a delicious selection of dehydrated meals: meat,…

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    Survival…Finding your way

    Adventure start here …. Always carry a Compass and Map as backup It is essential to know how to use a compass, it is a skill that everyone who enjoys the outdoors; trekkers, orienteers, kayakers and sailors will find indispensable. A map and a compass are still my basics for navigating and locating my position with confidence and ultimately surviving the wilderness. My favourite is the navigation Suunto MC-2 G Mirror Compass, and a great sighting compass for global mountaineers; insensitive to water pressure, handy for sailor and adventurous kayakers. It is accurate, durable and able to handle the difficult conditions encountered in our changing world…. 

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    Tips on building a Campfire

    Make a clearing for the fire pit, ideally, on bare dirt. Create a shallow dish/fire pit into the ground where you have chosen to build your campfire. Position stones in a circle around the fire pit to keep your fire contained Gather your Tinder:  dry leaves, dry bark, dry glass and any dry twigs Collect your kindling;  dry and dead wood and small dry branches Stack the kindling in the shape of a tepee over the tinder Leave a space in the wind’s direction so air can flow! Ignite your tinder; using Fire-Rod, Storm Matches or lighter. Strike fire tinder cards are waxed to cope with low levels of moisture Keep adding…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure

    Water …………It Sustains Life!!!  

    An average person can survive up to 3 Days without Water Oasis Water Purification Tablets, decontaminates water making it safe to drink. Convenient to use – just drop into water, it dissolves – wait an hour Recommend boiling, as this will remove any chlorine aftertaste. Destroys water-borne diseases (Cholera, dysentery, typhoid, polio, diarrhoea and more). Kills bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and virus and are especially lethal to Entamoeba Histolytica. One tablet purifies a litre of water Ideal for NGO’s humanitarian aid projects. Handy for communities and school in rural areas For trekkers, backpackers and campers, tablets are light-weight, easy for carrying. Clean Water – Additional Benefits Detoxifies…