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    Backpackers & Adventurers Eating Utensils

    Spork- a perfect eating utensil for travel and adventure; my preference is the light weight titanium, easier to keep clean and virtually indestructible; I always take two in case I lose one! Stainless Steel mug for hot drink or soup perfect after a hard day on the trail or a good morning Coffee. The single wall design means it can be used as an emergency cooking pot … The robust stainless steel ‘deep’ 9″plate,that’s lightweight & easy to clean. Ideal for heating up your food in your oven, over the fire or your BBQ. Sharp durable knife: some prefer a folding knife and others a lightweight fixed blade, importantly they both…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure

    The Adventurers & Survivalists Woodland Axe / Hatchet

    An essential item in your backpacking survival kit is the outstanding all-round Woodland Axe/ Hatchet ideal size and weight for carrying with you on your adventures Use it for everything from cutting down trees and bushes;  preparing and splitting your firewood. Handy, when building an impromptu shelter from the elements; dealing with tougher cuts of meat preparation; A great tool to help you dig and break through, ice and snow.  Effective for self-defence against 2 & 4 legged predators.

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    Without Adequate Shelter we would Never have Survived

    We set off from Resolute,on Resolute Bay, (74° 43’ N and 94° 53’ W), in the territory of Nunavut, Canada, to walk/ski for 648 km (403 miles), pulling our food and equipment bound for the Magnetic North Pole. James and I were issued with a Terra Nova Tent that was proven to withstand harsh Arctic conditions. It is known for being lightweight even when frozen, as well as being tough and durable. The tent provides a shelter for cooking, eating and sleeping and surviving the night. For 12-hour each day I leaning into my harness in order to drag my pulk loaded with its precious cargo northwards over some of the most difficult terrain on our planet, crossing the frozen…

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure

    A Versatile Tool for some Wild Jobs …Hand Saw

    A “Hand Saw” is a must-have for every adventure, from a day’s hiking to the rigours of long expeditions into the backcountry; I encourage my fellow travellers to each pack one. You may choose to carry a lightweight Folding Hand Saw on your belt; an ideal Bushcraft Saw for camping, gardening or on a hike.  Or the versatile heavy-duty handsaw when Trekking or for the Wilderness Adventures: my proven favourite has the comfortable pistol grip and razor-sharp teeth, that makes for a superb go to work saw! Both have an efficient ‘pull stroke’ cutting action is protective of the blade and importantly “less tiring” to use…  There are many ways a ‘Saw’ comes in handy ; on occasions it is the survivalist…

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    MSR® XGK™  trusted by fellow hikers, trekkers, adventurers and survivalists for its reliability!

    Every breakfast and evening meals our robust  MSR® XGK™ stove’s powerful flame melted snow and ice giving us lifesaving boiled water incredibly fast so we could enjoy a drink and by rehydrating our freeze dried meals – eat… This was so necessary during the Polar Race, probably the world’s toughest race; – starting from Resolute, Nunavut (74°43’N and 94°53’W), walking & skiing 648 km to the North Magnetic Pole in 25 days Just the extreme cold of the Arctic makes a person feel very hungry, add the enormous amount of energy (6500 calories)  needed to man hauling our pulks for 12 hours per day for survival this energy needs to…

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    Woodsman Knife with matching Firesteel

    Roger Harrington; I designed the Woodsman Knife in 1999 to fullfil my needs as a Bushcraft/Survival instructor. I was still serving in the reserve forces at the time teaching in both civilian life ( As Bison Bushcraft ) and in my military role. I needed a strong bushcraft knife that wasn’t the overkill of issued military blades. It had to be something capable of the fine detail needed for bushcraft projects, but still be able to cope with heavy duty work. I settled on 4mm thick blade stock not only for strength but the ability to split wood. The Scandinavian grind profile at 27 degrees Is both stable and strong…

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    Cordage is a vital tool; it has endless potential uses

    Parachute cord, popularly known as “paracord,” is the undisputed king of survival cordage — it’s  a must-have for every adventure, from a day’s hiking or the rigours of long expeditions into the wilderness. It has all the main quality requirements “Strength, Flexibility, Durability and Lightweight”. There are many ways paracord or rope will come in handy during family camping holiday, on a day’s hiking, sailing or out in the remote wilderness; on occasions it is the survivalist best pal…. Depending on my adventure I always carry a minimum of 50 ft of cordage and strongly suggest to my fellow adventurers to do the same. In 2009 when I walked 650km from Resolute…

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    Anti-Insect Bite Clothing

    Anti-Insect Bite Clothing Based on my own experience I support Craghoppers anti-insect bite clothing range. NosiLife is a treatment built into the fabric that offers defence from the worries of irritating insect bites; also reducing the possibility of infection and contracting diseases. Anti-insect bite clothing gives campers, trekkers and adventurers peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy travel anywhere!

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    Rescue Knife is an ideal survival tool made for emergency situations.

    The Safequip Rescue knives are an essential safety tool to carry with you on the water. Whether tangled in rope or needing to be released urgently, it can cut you or a companion out of danger. The compact Rapid Ti has a corrosion resistant Titanium blade with one serrated edge and one smooth edge that incorporates a line cutter into the blade. The blade is blunt ended for safety which makes it an ideal compact rescue knife. The moulded handle is fitted with a metal shank at the base which can be attached to a lanyard and comes supplied with a high visibility moulded sheath with a quick release mechanism…

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    A quality LED Flashlight gives benefit beyond ‘Light’.

    A Compact hand-held Flashlight that is powerful rugged and water-resistant flashlight that punch far above its weight, illuminating large areas is what every Adventurer and Survivalist, whether Trekker, Backpacker, Climber or Kayaker carries to deal with the unexpected and unplanned in the dark.  If your running late and dusk is closing in, your Flashlight will certainly help you set up camp, find the WC or walking the dog. A high-powered , LED Flashlight with a long, spot beam Is a must-have for the Emergency Services; security, police, fire service and military An essential ‘tool’ for search and rescue operation on the land and sea. Handy in the tool box in commercial and industrial…