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Without Adequate Shelter we would Never have Survived

We set off from Resolute,on Resolute Bay, (74° 43’ N and 94° 53’ W), in the territory of Nunavut, Canada, to walk/ski for 648 km (403 miles), pulling our food and equipment bound for the Magnetic North Pole.

James and I were issued with a Terra Nova Tent that was proven to withstand harsh Arctic conditions. It is known for being lightweight even when frozen, as well as being tough and durable. The tent provides a shelter for cooking, eating and sleeping and surviving the night.

For 12-hour each day I leaning into my harness in order to drag my pulk loaded with its precious cargo northwards over some of the most difficult terrain on our planet, crossing the frozen polar waste, over pressure ridges, through huge mounds of ice rubble and each night, at the mercy of the arctic’s hostile climate I slept in the safety of my Terra-Nova Tent 

At 8.47 p.m. on 29 April 2009, arrived at the Magnetic North Pole, 78° 35’ 724” N, 104° 11’ 915” W.