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    Fixed Blade Knife is an “Adventurers Tool”

    An essential tool for carrying out tasks such as shelter building, skinning, fire building/lighting, whittling, rope work and wilderness skills The fixed blades (full-tang) are robust, reliable and easy to maintain; they need to be when used on tough camping / woodsman tasks. On your belt, ready to hand in a survival situation. Bushcraft knives tend to be around 3-5 inches in length and better suited for delicate tasks like making traps or skinning small game. My preferred is The Scout knife  it’s designed to be your all round hunting, camping, utility knife. It’s small enough to be carried comfortably on you or in your pack, but large enough to…

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    Survival Mirror is the most effective daylight-signaling device

    A signal mirror is an essential in any survival kit; the ultra-bright signaling tool  can be seen from up to 10 miles away, alerting potential rescuers of your location… you can be spotted from the air, the water or the ground.  My personal favourite is a SOL Signal Mirror, it’s lightweight, shatterproof and you can easily aim the reflector with one hand, which is ideal in an emergency.   An unexpected bonus is that it “Floats”; practical for hazards involving wilderness water crossings and for those who partake in recreational water activities; such as kayaking, canoeing, and boating. 

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    Outdoor Lunch Boxes

    For the more serious outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, climbing or walking in the Wilderness ; Meal Prep Sets have been designed specifically to be robust and multi functional; Ideal for meal prepping, food storage and eating on-the-go. On a long day, during my 650 km trek to the North Pole , I would occasionally dip into my lunch box and treat myself. We stopped every hour for five minutes to drink from our flasks, and that’s when I really attacked the munchies. All the contents had frozen together, you would break a bite-size piece off the goody clump. Pop one in and it slowly thawed in your mouth.…

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    Water Bottle – Essential for every Adventure!

    During outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, mountaineering or walking in the wilderness the importance of remaining hydrated cannot be overestimated.   Carrying a water bottle encourages you to drink more water throughout the day. My preferred Water Bottle is the Explorer, a 650mi vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle.. Two 650mi bottles provide enough water for about 15 miles of hiking; carry one on each side of a pack, provide balance and importantly make sure they are easy to reach. The Polar Race 2009 – Arctic Drinks (on the move). We stopped every hour for five minutes to drink from our flasks. (“Live a Life to Die For”) The simplest method…

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    Dry Bags – Dry Sacks

    Dry Bags / Dry Sacks provides protection from the elements. the importance of keeping your gear dry and protecting valuables cannot be underestimated.   Drybags, and waterproof backpacks are built for using on the more extreme activities involving ideal for the hiking enthusiast in rugged terrain, water, snow or other wet environments; including kayaking, boating, swimming A ‘dry sack’ is more often used for carrying in a backpack or rucksack They inspires confidence and peace of mind that your clothing won’t get wet and/or ruined and and your food remains edible when on the move and/or in the wilds. If the expected happens and you need to make ‘the call’ for rescue; it’s invaluable…

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    Neck & Face Protection against the Elements

    Buff ; a ‘fabric tube’ and they have many different intended ways to keep your neck, face and head warm, dry and protected from the sun. Snood / neck gaiter/cowl; is a lightweight hybrid of ‘scarf & hood’; protecting your face, head and neck against the sun and wind. Bandana; is an efficient way to protect you from the sun & wind, often worn as a skull cap or usually as a headband.  Call it a buff, a snood or a magic scarf; the ‘Wuffler‘ is the ultimate multifunctional headwear for the Adventurous….. It will keep you warm during the cold winter days and breathable; protecting you from the sun and in the heat  quick…

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    Hatchet Axe – for Camping and Bushcraft Needs

    An indispensable item in your backpacking survival kit is a Hatchet Axe. The fibreglass axe handles are durable and take rough abuse; also have great shock absorption properties. It’s an ideal in length, 355 mm and weight 0.7 kg; with a protective safety holster with clip for carrying with you and a lanyard hole in the handle. It’s versatility is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, from cutting down trees and bushes; requires less of backswing when preparing and splitting your firewood in tight spaces. Handy, when building an impromptu shelter from the elements.  Effective for self-defence against 2 & 4 legged predators.

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    Grinner Knot

    As an avid fly fisher, my personal favourite Knot is Grinner; it’s a type of fishing knot commonly used to tie a fishing line to a hook, swivel or lure. It is known for its strength and ability to hold well under heavy pressure. The Grinner Knot (also known as the Uni Knot) is relatively easy to tie and is considered to be a good choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is recommended to practice the knot before using it on the water, as well as checking the knot’s strength before casting your line.

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    No Cell Signal…  “Don’t Worry, be Happy” say hello to Zoleo

    Never do you need to climb a mountain, row an ocean or trek in the wilderness without a proven device that enables the connections you need! The robust ‘Zoleo’ provides seamless connectivity via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of mobile coverage… It has a built-in SOS ‘Alert’ button, with 24/7 monitoring and progress updates; also has a ‘peace of mind’ check-in button. Helps keep you safe — even if your smartphone is damaged or out of battery life.