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    Grinner Knot

    As an avid fly fisher, my personal favourite Knot is Grinner; it’s a type of fishing knot commonly used to tie a fishing line to a hook or lure. It is known for its strength and ability to hold well under heavy pressure. The Grinner Knot is relatively easy to tie and is considered to be a good choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is recommended to practice the knot before using it on the water, as well as checking the knot’s strength before casting your line.

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    No Cell Signal…  “Don’t Worry, be Happy” say hello to Zoleo

    Never do you need to climb a mountain, row an ocean or trek in the wilderness without a proven device that enables the connections you need! The robust ‘Zoleo’ provides seamless connectivity via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of mobile coverage… It has a built-in SOS ‘Alert’ button, with 24/7 monitoring and progress updates; also has a ‘peace of mind’ check-in button. Helps keep you safe — even if your smartphone is damaged or out of battery life.

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    Adventurer’s must-have Survival Shovel for ‘tasks’ in camp, on the trail or in the wilds.

    Multi benefits & Uses Except from “Live a Life to Die For” by Roger Davies (page 129). Then I would cut snow blocks to be melted for drinking and cooking. I continued to secure the pulks, shovelling snow to cover the valence, to help keep the draughts to a minimum and also stops snow being blown up between the inner and outer tent in high wind and blizzard conditions. I then dug a little cold air trench in the vestibule space between the tent’s inner and outer door. This allows space for cold air to sink below the platform on which you are sleeping. Every little bit counts. It also gives…

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    Sometimes problem weather is more than a weather problem

    Emergency Thermal Blankets and Bags are essential in your survival kit; providing emergency shelter from the cold, wet and wind A Thermal Blanket is a reusable, lightweight and waterproof Windproof: the killing factor is wind chill effect Dramatically lowers users body heat-loss rate – keeping you warmer Importantly retains over 90% of radiated body heat Sized for one or two people. The Survival Bag can provide a personal lifesaving shelter Providing ‘total body’coverage and protection Waterproof & Windproof Durable and Lightweight Accommodate two people Highly visible from a distance and radar reflective….search & rescue  ‘Safety’ Orange is used to set objects apart, making it easily visible to the human eye even in…

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    Healthy feet are the essential foundation for an active life

    Check your feet regularly  Wash your feet every day Dry them well, especially between your toes Avoid dry & cracking by moisturising regularly Wear the correct footwear for the event / adventure Double check your shoes are the right size Train in the shoes & socks you intend to wear Change socks as often as possible – daily is more sociable  Rotate your footwear; trainers or camp shoes after a day’s trekking Roll-a-ball under your feet; it relaxes tight muscles & ligaments. Trim your toenails; Lads, a pedicure is cool but a paint job is questionable!   *Consult with a podiatrist if you have any concerns; not just your about an injury or footwear…

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    Outdoor Adventures – get changed outside, inside!!!

    Live your outdoor adventures to the fullest; from camping to wild swimming enjoy the luxury of being comfortably cloaked within your insulated and water-resistant personal shelter whatever the weather throws at you… A Changing Robe / Dry Coat allows you to change outside, inside. Whether your surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, walking the dog, staying dry and warm is important not just an indulgence. The picture is of me in Tough Guy; reputed to be the world’s most demanding one-day survival ordeal. I have conquered it five times, between January 1992 and 2008, at the ages of 47 to 61. Worryingly, before taking part, I had to sign a death waiver, to…

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    Without Adequate Shelter we would Never have Survived

    We set off from Resolute,on Resolute Bay, (74° 43’ N and 94° 53’ W), in the territory of Nunavut, Canada, to walk/ski for 648 km (403 miles), pulling our food and equipment bound for the Magnetic North Pole. James and I were issued with a Terra Nova Tent that was proven to withstand harsh Arctic conditions. It is known for being lightweight even when frozen, as well as being tough and durable. The tent provides a shelter for cooking, eating and sleeping and surviving the night. For 12-hour each day I leaning into my harness in order to drag my pulk loaded with its precious cargo northwards over some of the most difficult terrain on our planet, crossing the frozen…

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    On Occasions it’s a Treat to be Pampered

    Microfibre towel  is integral for every adventure: they’re highly absorbent and amazingly fast drying, ideal for a day’s hiking, the beach or the rigors of expeditions into the wilderness. Whatsoever my next adventure, I always carry a lightweight microfibre sports towel that packs down into such a small pouch. I strongly suggest to my fellow adventurers to do the same. They’re incredibly soft; after a hard day on the trail it’s a treat to be pampered….

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    MSR® XGK™  trusted by fellow hikers, trekkers, adventurers and survivalists for its reliability!

    Every breakfast and evening meals our robust  MSR® XGK™ stove’s powerful flame melted snow and ice giving us lifesaving boiled water incredibly fast so we could enjoy a drink and by rehydrating our freeze dried meals – eat… This was so necessary during the Polar Race, probably the world’s toughest race; – starting from Resolute, Nunavut (74°43’N and 94°53’W), walking & skiing 648 km to the North Magnetic Pole in 25 days Just the extreme cold of the Arctic makes a person feel very hungry, add the enormous amount of energy (6500 calories)  needed to man hauling our pulks for 12 hours per day for survival this energy needs to…

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    Toilet Paper or Wet Wipes

    Wet wipes are the best innovation for personal hygiene and gentle on your bitsduring adventures.Some brands are very eco-friendly, for example; My Happy Planet’s GenieWipes –are 100%biodegradable and best of all, they’re totally plastic free.Toilet paper is light but bulky and must be protected from getting wet; no onewants soggy tissues. As with all supplies you carry with you, they are rationed;you are issued 3 sheets per dump: one up, one down and one too polish!Opus Genie Wipes are tiny pellets that take up almost no space, light and easyto carry in your pocket or bag. However, when you add just a few drops ofwater, they expand to reveal a…