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Knife Blade Points and what Tasks they are best suited…

  • Drop-point : good compromise between strength and utility
  • Sheepsfoot : false point – slicing, whittling & ideal to cut rope
  • Clip-point : for more delicate and precision work
  • Straight Back : sturdy, ideal for cutting and chopping
  • Tanto Blade : strong, handy for pushing cuts and piercing
  • Gut Hook : skinning and field dressing wild game
  • Trailing-Point : filleting, skinning and camp food prepping

“Your knife is your life”: You’re only as sharp as your knife and your survival knife is the one that you have on you at the time. If you’re out and about and everything turns south for the winter and you haven’t got a knife on you, you’ll very soon wish that you had. Stephen Nowacki.