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    Adventurer’s must-have Survival Shovel for ‘tasks’ in camp, on the trail or in the wilds.

    Multi benefits & Uses Except from “Live a Life to Die For” by Roger Davies (page 129). Then I would cut snow blocks to be melted for drinking and cooking. I continued to secure the pulks, shovelling snow to cover the valence, to help keep the draughts to a minimum and also stops snow being blown up between the inner and outer tent in high wind and blizzard conditions. I then dug a little cold air trench in the vestibule space between the tent’s inner and outer door. This allows space for cold air to sink below the platform on which you are sleeping. Every little bit counts. It also gives…

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    Healthy feet are the essential foundation for an active life

      *Consult with a podiatrist if you have any concerns; not just your about an injury or footwear but how your foot and ankle impacts the rest of the body. I am blessed with finding a first class podiatrist, Martin Parry, who represented the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in Triathlons. In addition to his finding the solution to your Foot and Ankle problem; he understands how we, who enjoy challenges, think and react……                      

  • Critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive an Adventure,  Overlooked Survival Items

    Backpackers & Adventurers Eating Utensils

    Spork- a perfect eating utensil for travel and adventure; my preference is the light weight titanium, easier to keep clean and virtually indestructible; I always take two in case I lose one! Stainless Steel mug for hot drink or soup perfect after a hard day on the trail or a good morning Coffee. The single wall design means it can be used as an emergency cooking pot … The robust stainless steel ‘deep’ 9″plate,that’s lightweight & easy to clean. Ideal for heating up your food in your oven, over the fire or your BBQ. Sharp durable knife: some prefer a folding knife and others a lightweight fixed blade, importantly they both…

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    Outdoor Adventures – get changed outside, inside!!!

    Live your outdoor adventures to the fullest; from camping to wild swimming enjoy the luxury of being comfortably cloaked within your insulated and water-resistant personal shelter whatever the weather throws at you… A Changing Robe / Dry Coat allows you to change outside, inside. Whether your surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, walking the dog, staying dry and warm is important not just an indulgence. The picture is of me in Tough Guy; reputed to be the world’s most demanding one-day survival ordeal. I have conquered it five times, between January 1992 and 2008, at the ages of 47 to 61. Worryingly, before taking part, I had to sign a death waiver, to…

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    On Occasions it’s a Treat to be Pampered

    Microfibre towel  is integral for every adventure: they’re highly absorbent and amazingly fast drying, ideal for a day’s hiking, the beach or the rigors of expeditions into the wilderness. Whatsoever my next adventure, I always carry a lightweight microfibre sports towel that packs down into such a small pouch. I strongly suggest to my fellow adventurers to do the same. They’re incredibly soft; after a hard day on the trail it’s a treat to be pampered….

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    Toilet Paper or Wet Wipes

    Wet wipes are the best innovation for personal hygiene and gentle on your bitsduring adventures.Some brands are very eco-friendly, for example; My Happy Planet’s GenieWipes –are 100%biodegradable and best of all, they’re totally plastic free.Toilet paper is light but bulky and must be protected from getting wet; no onewants soggy tissues. As with all supplies you carry with you, they are rationed;you are issued 3 sheets per dump: one up, one down and one too polish!Opus Genie Wipes are tiny pellets that take up almost no space, light and easyto carry in your pocket or bag. However, when you add just a few drops ofwater, they expand to reveal a…

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    Survivalists stay Warm

    During…              Your time in the Wilderness               An average person can survive up to > ·                   3 Weeks without Food ·                   3 Days without Water ·                   3 Hours outside of the body’s core temperature Snugpak is a brand that produces lightweight sleeping bags and clothing designed to keep you warm in any conditions. The Enhanced Patrol Poncho is a small, lightweight product from Snugpak that provides 100% waterproof protection from unexpected rain.

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    The Understated Rain Poncho is more….

    A Rain Poncho is an ideal choice to carry on your adventures whether hiking, camping, fishing or braving a music festival. I favour the Highlander Adventure Hooded Poncho it’s extremely versatile, simply pull it out of your pack and protect yourself against heavy rain. It’s a tough, lightweight, waterproof poncho that can be used again and again.                                                                                           Not only is it a poncho but also doubles up as an emergency shelter. With its built in eyelets, it can be pegged down or fixed between trees to provide a short term shelter. Being loose-fitting it offers good ventilation; which is important when you’re exploring hot-humid, rainy climates.        On cold and wet days…

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    Boxers, Thongs or Briefs?

    Boxer shorts are breathable, with plenty of ball room, but rather lacking in support, best for casual wear. Thongs, also known as ‘cheese cutters’, may look good on some, some of the time: they may look good on others all of the time, but they never look good on me at any time. Practically speaking, they are not designed to keep the ‘bad boy and his two chums’ properly tucked in. They mercilessly chafe and ruffle where they touch, or so I’ve been told. I wore my lucky, merino wool, snug-fitting boxer briefs every day, for the whole of my 25-day polar plod. They always kept the crown jewels warm…

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    Footwear is an important item on your kit list… Socks The essential but often ‘overlooked’ Socks can make or break your adventure. A suitable pair of socks are a must have for any hiker, runner, climber or outdoor enthusiast. Over many years and on many adventures, inc. Everest BC and Mt Kilimanjaro, I discovered that 1000 Mile Socks are so comfortable, durable and cool; they feel like I’m walking on a luxurious, deep pile carpet. Importantly they really help to protect my feet and prevent blisters so I truly enjoy my days on the trail.   My, not so secret, few basic Tips, for Healthy Feet        ·…