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    Edible Insects

    Insects, worms, grubs, beetles and termites can be a good source of protein… But, as a general rule, avoid >>> Bugs n’ Grubs Warning Signals **Ask your local guide if a ‘Bug’ is edible…BEFORE popping it into your mouth The most popular eaten insects by humans are #livealifetodiefor

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    Knife Blade Points and what Tasks they are best suited…

    Drop-point : good compromise between strength and utility Sheepsfoot : false point – slicing, whittling & ideal to cut rope Clip-point : for more delicate and precision work Straight Back : sturdy, ideal for cutting and chopping Tanto Blade : strong, handy for pushing cuts and piercing Gut Hook : skinning and field dressing wild game Trailing-Point : filleting, skinning and camp food prepping “Your knife is your life”: You’re only as sharp as your knife and your survival knife is the one that you have on you at the time. If you’re out and about and everything turns south for the winter and you haven’t got a knife on…

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    Survival Gear List

    Survival Gear is invaluable for any emergency situation. Hydration: Water…water purification system & tablets Nutrition: Food….freeze dried meals that are lightweight, nutritious and easy to prepare Survival Knife….+ Multi-Tool Layerable clothing that will help you adjust to different temperature & weather conditions Jacket, hat, sunglasses, gloves, raincoat/shell & thermals…. Shelter; tarp, tent, space blanket…. Personalized First Aid Kit; that contains items specific to your needs and medical conditions Navigation; map, cobgh xcmpass & GPS (mobile phone)…. 7 Headlamp, flashlight, signalling device, whistle…. Repair kit; duct tape, cordage, paracord bracelet, spare batteries…. Fire Starter; striker, matches, lighter…. Survival Backpack/Rucksack – durable, comfortable and roomy enough to carry ‘all’ your gear (40L…

  • Cancer

    Action in Remission

    Chemotherapy killed my Cancer cells, thanks NHS I was up for my next challenge; whilst showing off my Chemo Curls. I supplemented time on the water with a gym training schedule that included hard hours on the rowing machine (Ergo), pumping a little iron and a strengthening exercise routines using all major muscle groups. Tuesday 3rd August 2021 I Kayaked from Dungeness to Boulogne celebrating Six months since my last chemotherapy treatment; returned to Boulogne and kayaked back to Dungeness on 13th October 2021 A long-distance sea paddle is formidable, and not necessarily just physically, it also demands mental strength and big balls. Or, as in my case, a stubborn septuagenarian and…

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    Cancer & Chemo

    Let’s talk about Cancer & Chemo On Monday 21st September 2020 I underwent a CT scan on my thorax; and on the 29th, Dr T Nakos told me that I did indeed have cancer. A few days later Dr J R Jones, a consultant haematologist confirmed the diagnosis; I had B-cell lymphoma cancer. My first thought was ‘game over’ My second was ‘you bloody drama queen!’  After the initial shock of being told I had cancer, I felt numb; then slowly emotions of anger, anxiety and sadness jumbled around inside my head. I felt I had to ask the big question: ‘OK, doc, give it to me straight. How long…

  • Recovery

    My Arctic Reading

    It’s more than merely a book; it’s a source of inspiration. An old friend, ‘Belfast Archie’, suggested I take the Big Book with me to the top of the world. It is the story of how tens of thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism. The basic text was written in 1939 by Bill W, with support from Dr Bob. It’s more than merely a book. It’s more a way of life. It has served as a lifeline to millions of drunks worldwide, helping them to recover from alcoholism. It is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so…

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    Prepping for Adventures

    My, not so secret, practical tips…                     …During your time in the Wilderness                    An average person can survive up to >                     3 Weeks without Food                     3 Days without Water    3 Hours outside of the body’s core temperature My, not so secret critical items you ‘Need’ to Survive in the Wilderness #livealifetodiefor

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    Holistic Gym Tips

    Simple mental / holistic Gym Tips • Set realistic goals: build strength, increasing flexibility and boosting endurance• Create a ‘fitness habit’; don’t skip workouts.• Always warm up and cool down • Pre & Post Workout Stretches• Basic weight-training; push yourself hard, “lift like you mean it”. • Cardio machines and circuit training gets your heart rate up and increase your blood circulation. • Always keep hydrated – drink a lot of fluids; before, during and after your workouts. • Eat a healthily and balanced diet; remember to refuel after your sessions with high-protein snacks and washed down with a drink.• Each day, try to drink at least 6 to 8…