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My not so secret tips for Long Distance Running.

My not so secret tips for Long Distance Running.
• Preparation for a long run/ endurance event begins in your head. … Build mental endurance
• Targeting small goals keeps you moving and boosts your confidence.
• Always start with a ‘warm up routine’; it gets the blood flowing and stretching keeps you more flexible.
• Step up strength, endurance and cardio; by gradually increasing training mileage/workout by 10 percent per week.
• Include light cross-training sessions – swimming, spinning and yoga during your rest days from running.
• Cross training and weight training helps make you a stronger runner
• Biking and swimming will help build the supporting muscles used in running.
• Staying hydrated is crucial; check you’re hydrated by doing the ‘tinkle test’ – use the pee-o-meter colour chart, clearer the better!
• Carbo-load, stores extra glycogen to be released into your muscles during endurance events.
• Don’t alter your diet before, during a race or training run; eat what you normally do.
• If you can’t talk in complete sentences whilst running, lower your pace
• Make your training runs interesting by exploring alternatives – including off road, trail running, hills etc…
• Don’t be stingy – Invest in high-quality running shoes and gear/kit.
• Use Vaseline to minimize friction is being good to yourself! Favourites are nipples, balls and toes!

When you run a half (13.1mi) or full marathon (26.2mi) or ultra (usually from 35mi) your body is hyperactive: as is your nervous system!
• Be aware – there are consequences- -fatigue, chaffing and you pass gas!
• If you are toooo noisy you may upset some- but entertain others.
• Just relax and take farting in your stride.
Running half or full marathon is an incredible feat; enjoy it, be proud of yourself.
“Run Hard – Tread Softly”…. John Hadley 2019 – my running chum since 1983

In 1987, pre ‘chip timing’ of today, along with my 21,485 fellow runners I was cooped up, elbow-to-elbow, in a logjam at the start gate; it added seven minutes to my actual running time – we all recorded our personal time on our Timex/Casio digital watches – with pride…