How To's,  Overlooked Survival Items

Foolproof Fire Starter

A cotton ball impregnated with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) makes an outstanding Safe, Lightweight Fire Lighter; practical addition in your Survival Kit


  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Tub of petroleum jelly
  • Ziplock bag / Grip seal bag

How to make a ‘Cotton Ball’ Fire Lighter

  • Open your ziplock bag
  • Spoon in your petroleum jelly
  • Add some cotton balls
  • Zip and seal bag
  • Gently squish and kneading the jelly into the cotton balls
  • Don’t saturate the balls, you need dry cotton fibres

Petroleum jelly in its normal solid state is ‘Not’ flammable but Cotton fibres are.

The combination works on the same principle as a candle –you ignite the dry fibres of the cotton and the heat of the flame melts the jelly – vaporizing  the liquid jelly/wax where it combusts

How it works

Lay out your saturated cotton balls

Pull open a cotton ball to expose dry cotton fibres

Use a spark / flame to ignite the cotton

Heat of the burning cotton will melt the jelly

The melting jelly will give off flammable vapors / gas.

**It’s the ‘GAS’ that Burns!!!

What’s so handy out in the wilderness is that petroleum jelly is oil-based; the petroleum jelly cotton balls are waterproof…