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My, not so secret tips on Wildlife Encounters

• Investigate and research what to expect• Follow the instructions of your guide.• Behave responsibly and calm around all wildlife• Don’t surprise a ‘mother’ with her little ones• Respect all animals and don’t sneak up or shock them• You’re a privileged observer; don’t interact directly with the wildlife• If you[…] Read More →

My not so secret basic Healthy PreperationTips

• Before each and every Adventure / Event have a comprehensive medical and a dental examination well before departure date. • Toothache or piles, even at home they are a nuisance but in the wilds it can be serious – and at the very least can spoil your experience.• Carry[…] Read More →

My, not so secret tips… important part of planning an Adventure is ‘Research’

• Match an Adventures/Event to your skills, ability, pocket and time• Find out all you can about where you’re going• Learn about the culture of your destination• Travel Insurance, recommended vaccinations and medical kit• Research best time to go; climate, seasonal pricing, crowding• Pack light; suitability and essentials are key•[…] Read More →

My not so secret tips for Long Distance Running.

My not so secret tips for Long Distance Running.• Preparation for a long run/ endurance event begins in your head. … Build mental endurance• Targeting small goals keeps you moving and boosts your confidence. • Always start with a ‘warm up routine’; it gets the blood flowing and stretching keeps[…] Read More →