• Grinner Knot

    As an avid fly fisher, my personal favourite Knot is Grinner; it’s a type of fishing knot commonly used to tie a fishing line to a hook or lure. It is known for its strength and ability to hold well under heavy pressure. The Grinner Knot is relatively easy to tie and is considered to be a good choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is recommended to practice the knot before using it on the water, as well as checking the knot’s strength before casting your line.

  • Blood Knot

    The Blood Knot is a fishing knot used to tie two lines of similar diameter together. It is a strong and reliable knot for joining lines, and is often used by anglers to create a leader or to extend the length of a fishing line. It is important to note that the blood knot should be tied with care, as it is easy to twist the lines or not to have the turns tight enough, that would weaken the knot. Also, it is important to use the knot with similar diameter line, if not the knot may slip or break.

  • Taut-Line Hitch

    The Taut-Line Hitch is a versatile and adjustable knot that can be used to create a secure loop in a rope that can be tightened or loosened as needed. It is commonly used in camping, boating, and other outdoor activities to secure tarps, tents, and other gear. Here is how to tie a Taut-Line Hitch: Keep in mind that the Taut-Line Hitch is not a reliable when the object is under load and it is not suitable for life-safety situations.