The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – January/February 2016"> The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – January/February 2016

The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – January/February 2016

TOBY WALLACE Atlantic rowing 2016 embarked on an expedition from the Canary Islands with a team of eight rowers last month with the aim of journeying 3,000 miles to Barbados in the Caribbean on January 28.
But tragedy struck when crew member Michael Johnson, 21, was swept off his seat and into the sea by a “freak wave” hundreds of miles from land on February 14.
He has not been found and a rescue operation has been called off.


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As I have grown older, more traveled and somewhat more informed I truly appreciate ‘Time’ is my most precious resource. ‘A day at a time’, I accept I am passing through Life just this once!   I choose not to waste the Adventure!


Roger raised funds for Action on Addiction
Action on Addiction is a UK-based charity that works with people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. It works in the areas of research, prevention, treatment, aftercare, as well as professional education and family support

Crew Profiles for the “TOBY WALLACE” January 2016

Toby Wallace Atlantic Row 2016

The Toby Wallace Atlantic RowThe TOBY WALLACE is a light-weight 8 man ocean rowing boat constructed by Woodvale in late 2011 and originally named TITAN. She was designed specifically to go after and break the “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and achieve the ATLANTIC SPEED RECORD CROSSING in under 30 days.  Titan was renamed the Toby Wallace in 2014, in memory of one of the original crew members in 2012 who sadly died in July 2013.


Atlantic Row 2016 Photos

Atlantic Row 2016



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