Essential Rope Knots

Sheet Bend

The Sheet Bend, also known as the becket bend or weaver’s knot, is a knot used to join two ropes of different diameter. It is particularly useful for joining a thinner rope to a thicker rope, but it can also be used to join two ropes of the same diameter. The thicker rope should be used to form the bight, and the two free ends should be on the same side of the knot for maximum strength and security. The sheet bend is a non-jamming knot, which means that it can be untied easily even after being loaded.

  1. Take the thicker rope and make a bight (a loop) in it.
  2. Take the thinner rope and thread it through the bight.
  3. Bring the end of the thinner rope over the top of the bight and under the thicker rope.
  4. Next, tuck the end of the thinner rope behind the standing part (the long end) of the thinner rope.
  5. Tighten the knot by pulling on both standing parts of the ropes.

Make sure the knot is snug and secure before use.