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FOOD… is Fuel

An average person can survive up to 3 Weeks without Food

Our body and brain require a steady supply of food and nutrients: without the body’s many systems will begin to deteriorate. The effects may include you feeling tired, weak, cognitive changes and ultimately organ failure.

When on an Adventure – I recommend freeze dried meals for your health, enjoyment and survival.

I have eaten freeze dried meals on many adventures and climates; including trekking to the North Pole , climbing Mountains and rowing the Atlantic; they are quick and easy to prepare, high in energy, carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

Firepot has a delicious selection of dehydrated meals: meat, gluten free and vegan meals….

They are an ideal Adventure fuel; lightweight, compact and all you require is boiling water and you can eat straight from the Compostable Pouch….