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Assisting in a school and an orphanage Oct 2014

I am living in a small room within the Orphanage, along with the staff; all of whom are locals. I am the token “White” or Mgeni, for many miles around. Actually I have not seen another white face.

Kenya’s national tongue is Swahili, and official language is English; which they are taught from year 4 (9 to 10yrs old). Conversations I have are ‘interesting’ and punctuated with laughter, yet somehow lacks informality and comfort of home.

Education in Kenya is free but over subscribed, hence shortages in all areas e.g Teachers, classrooms, books and money.

Often all parents are asked to chip in to pay for extra Teachers 25 Kenya Shillings per month (20p).

Not all can pay!

Classes are large; I was in one packed classroom of seventy 6-8 year old’s, with one teacher in sole charge.

Education is a Priority to all Kenyans, it is the only way forward.

For assisting in schools and in the orphanage I am paid £15 per 7 day week. This is to cover my food and any luxuries!!!