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                    “Live a Life to Die For”. sums up my philosophy

I am  an accomplished motivational speaker.

Having  personal  experiences of expeditions in the Arctic, Rowing the Atlantic, mountains and playing the highest games of Rugby in history; to relating to challenges people face in recovery and in their everyday lives.

My inspiring world of adventure encompasses a wide range; even my self motivation in arduous and extreme conditions, mental and/or physical. Typifying my tenacity or pig-headedness in overcoming the odds.

**I need to remind myself that each of us has our own personal mountains to conquer; for a few it’s physical, others it’s mental and to some it may be spiritual.

For me, it’s a hotchpotch of all three. I accept that not every event is a positive mind-blowing experience; some are total flops. Flops and Failures are not all about me; they are just events experienced.

My first introduction to bruising failure was at 4 yrs old; I took a tumble whilst learning to ride my bike. It was my own fault; I had taken the stabilisers / training wheels off!

Failing to try, in case you make a mistake, leads to avoiding mistakes which may be the biggest mistake of all. Avoiding or putting things off is the same as delaying a dump until ten minutes before the plane is due to land; it gets you nowhere and pisses everyone off.

I try to remember what is most important; it’s not having everything go right; it’s facing whatever goes wrong!

Today I have a soulmate and wife, Lesley, who brings an expanding family to the party; my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and many good friends. I am now feeling my age and my immortality is starting to creak, but I go on.

               Believe in yourself: your mountain is waiting…

                          Tomorrow is promised to nobody


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