Roger Davies – Polar Race 2009

The Polar Race 2009  “Probably the world’s toughest race”
Roger Davies at the age of sixty one and team mate, James Trotman (31yrs), set off one morning in March 2009 hauling heavily loaded pulks, to race 400 miles across a  desolate icy desert from Resolute Bay, Northern Canada in the coldest and harshest of conditions on the planet.

Roger Davies commented: “After 2 years of preparation, training and one heart attack; I am tremendously excited to be about to set off for the Polar Race 2009. As I grow older, I have no intention of slowing down and being a typical retiree. My ambition was to reach the North Pole before fifteen other determined competitors.

Rhona Cameron, Head of Group Brand Strategy, Standard Life commented: “We are delighted to support Roger and help him to complete one of the most extraordinary physical challenges in the world. Roger epitomises what is possible by staying active and being ambitious into so called ‘old age’. He is an inspiration to us all and we wish him the very best of luck in the next few weeks.”

Roger used the expedition to raise money for his local charity, the Tadworth Children’s Trust, which supports children with multiple disabilities and complex healthcare needs.

Polar Race 2009 Photos

Polar Race 2009

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