Essential Rope Knots

Double Sheet Bend

The Sheet Bend knot is a versatile and useful knot that is used to join two lines together. It is relatively easy to tie and can be done quickly, making it a great knot to know for a variety of situations. The Sheet Bend can also be used for connecting a line to a corner of a tarp or poncho and can be useful for making a simple lean-to shelter. It is also known for its strength and security when tied correctly. As a non-jamming knot, it can also be untied easily even after being loaded.

  1. Fold one rope in half to create a bight (a loop).
  2. Take the other rope and place it over the bight, then tuck it under the standing end of the first rope.
  3. Bring the end of the second rope around the back of both ropes and tuck it under itself.
  4. Tighten the knot by pulling on both standing ends.

Make sure that the ropes are parallel when you start and that the working ends of the ropes are on the same side of the knot. The double sheet bend is a very strong and secure way to tie two ropes together.