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Cordage is a vital tool; it has endless potential uses

Parachute cord, popularly known as “paracord,” is the undisputed king of survival cordage — it’s  a must-have for every adventure, from a day’s hiking or the rigours of long expeditions into the wilderness.

It has all the main quality requirements “Strength, Flexibility, Durability and Lightweight”.

There are many ways paracord or rope will come in handy during family camping holiday, on a day’s hiking, sailing or out in the remote wilderness; on occasions it is the survivalist best pal….

Depending on my adventure I always carry a minimum of 50 ft of cordage and strongly suggest to my fellow adventurers to do the same.

In 2009 when I walked 650km from Resolute Bay to the North Pole over frozen sea ice, hauling my pulk, loaded with a winter tent, food, fuel heating stoves, extra  clothing, shovel, extra fuel, etc. I used a waist harness with a trace of Shock Cord (bungee cord) attached directly to the pulk. 

The Shock Cord did not freeze as most ropes do ; more importantly the elasticity of the trace saved my back from injury caused by the constant jarring especially when we encountered ice rubble fields stretching for most of the journey.