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The Hatch of the Termites

In recent times I have been sitting down to enjoying meals with large groups, not business lunches or ‘contrived’ dinner parties; but with families and/or a collection of friends, this is surprisingly novel to me. I appreciate good food and recognize that I really do enjoy the relaxed banter. Today[…] Read More →

New Nanny Goat

If I was asked what strikes me most here in rural Kenya, it is the real depth of poverty and pain. Watching children devouring a meal as if it may be their last or until whenever, certainly highlights for me that those in poverty really do live their lives “a[…] Read More →

Roger vs Cow

In the orphanage there are plenty of chickens with chicks running around and two cows. The larger of the two cows is white and black with “horns”! Fortunately I am not frightened of cows so when the big one decided to have a closer look at me to the amazement[…] Read More →

From Carpenter to Painter

You may notice I am now working as a painter. My days as carpentry have been cut short; my hammer and saw have been confiscated for health and safety reasons. I was given a Kenyan version of an Italian dish > Spaghetti with cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes .

Extreme Poverty vs The Modern World

Living amongst extreme poverty is opening my eyes to how easily I getting bogged down with self-centred worries over my perceived position in modern sociality (size of my car/house/job title etc.). Yet, I do and will always enjoy material benefits including a hot shower, a Starbucks, electricity 24 x 7[…] Read More →