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We have a number of success stories amongst our boys and girls; many are starting school for the first time and others are returning. There are those who have been on the program and areĀ progressing to secondary, plus there are those who did exceptionally well and are now at University.[…] Read More →

Children create their own family bonds

There are six small orphaned children here between the ages of 2 and 4 years old who have formed a family bond. When I give one a biscuit he or she will not leave me until I give them another 5 for their chums; if I don’t they will run[…] Read More →

Mama Sarah Obama

Mama Sarah Obama, 94 year old grandmother of USA President Barack Obama; whom I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours privately with; before she was due to visit her grandson, Barack in Washington DC. She is remarkably sharp and enthusiastic, with a great sense of humor. She talked[…] Read More →

The essential role of Education

I am seeing, first hand, the struggles and sacrifices parents make in a genuine attempt to better the lives of their children through education here in rural Africa. Once I was part of the same experience, disappointing my own parents in not taking the opportunity that I was given. However,[…] Read More →

New vocation as a Teacher

I am no longer painter, there ended up being more paint on the floor, myself and the children! I have a new vocation, as a Teacher, and have been invited around the local schools to give motivational talks about the real benefits of education, and generally discuss modern life in[…] Read More →