Roger Davies – Polar Race London Tonight Interview

The Polar Race 2009 – Probably The World’s Toughest Race. 

In March 2009 Roger Davies will be 61 years old.

Unlike a lot of sixty one year olds he will set off one morning on foot from Resolute Bay in Canada to race 400 miles across the most desolate terrain in the World in an attempt to reach the North Pole before twenty other determined competitors.

And he wants to take you with him.

Don’t panic. You don’t need to pack your thermals just yet. What Roger would like is to have your company logo emblazoned across his clothing and equipment so that when the World’s TV crews and newspapers cover this historic race – as they will in numbers – the World can see that it was you who backed an ordinary guy to achieve an extraordinary success.

And isn’t that what you would like your company to be associated with? Inspiring someone to overcome enormous odds to fulfil their potential and more.

In fact, isn’t that what we would like in our own businesses – people striving to go that extra mile, to commit to a cause bigger than themselves – in short, to step up and walk the walk.

Roger Davies is willing to walk that walk – literally – and wants to take your business with him every step of the way, cheering him on as he battles the cold (-40C), the white-outs, the Polar Bears and the fatigue – did I tell you that Roger recently had major heart surgery?

He wants to tell you more about this extraordinary journey and the challenges that lie ahead.

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