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Mt Toubkal 4,167m and High Atlas Mountains, Morocco Oct 2013

  We were a very mixed and friendly group of 7; three men – me, Benno and Adam and 4 ladies, Lesley, Julie, Annabelle and Kay. On arrival at Marrakesh Airport our old friend and team leader Stephen Pinfold with his local right hand man Ibraham Amzil were there to[…] Read More →

Everest Base Camp Nepal

Our journey to Everest Base Camp Nepal The Team : Roger, Lucas Bateman, Lesley Pender, Annie (Annabelle) Hancock ,Clive Hagley & his youngest son Max, Julie Jones, Jan Meek Our journey to Everest Base Camp on the lower slopes of world’s highest and arguably the most majestic mountain is as[…] Read More →


  Roger is an accomplished public speaker. His stories of adventure, recovery and business have made him a popular, engaging  and entertaining speaker. A range of personal  experiences from expeditions in the Arctic, Rowing the Atlantic, mountains and playing the highest games of Rugby in history; to relating to challenges people face[…] Read More →

Sahara March 2015

To me, the Sahara displays an awe-inspiring uniqueness as did the North Pole. They share extremes of contrasts yet alike in so many ways; legend, mystery and raw beauty. Both can and will kill you if you don’t respect them. The Sahara is the largest non-polar desert on our planet; 3,320,000[…] Read More →

Mt Kilimanjaro 2010 and again in 2012

Mt Kilimanjaro is on the northern border of Tanzania, 200 miles south of the equator. It is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, rising out of the African plains to an impressive 5,895m (19,340ft) above sea level; not to be underestimated. Myself and friends have embarked on a huge[…] Read More →

Roger’s Bio

Roger Davies; 11.12.47, Soul Mate, Dad and Granddad, ex-violent criminal, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and honorary eccentric. For whom the challenges of the Polar Race, Rowing the Atlantic and playing the highest games of Rugby in history are the pinnacles of an ‘interesting’ roller coaster ride of a life. As[…] Read More →

Roger Davies first leg on an incredible Atlantic Adventure

Picture of Roger Davies first leg on an incredible Atlantic Adventure whilst on the helm of the Southern Child, a 40ft yacht. The picture was take whilst crossing the infamous Bay of Biscay on a 2000miles passage to Las Palmas; to become acquaint to the sea.  My second ‘big’ mistake. Sea[…] Read More →


We have a number of success stories amongst our boys and girls; many are starting school for the first time and others are returning. There are those who have been on the program and are progressing to secondary, plus there are those who did exceptionally well and are now at University.[…] Read More →

Football & Black Cats

We launched the hugely successful ‘Black Cats’ Sports Program; which initially used Football to attract street children, boys and girls from the rural and slum communities. When the kids are playing and training, they are distracted away from the dangers and pitfalls that goes with living on the street; this[…] Read More →

Rescue Center for Street Kids & Feeding Program

In many Towns our main priority is the high number of ‘street’ children; to address this serious problem we have created Rescue Centers that ‘each’ provides roughly 200 hot and substantial meals every day for the kids. We do not discriminate between street kids and those attending school who suffer[…] Read More →