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Insurance Undercover & Dodgy claims

During the 1990’s I was discreetly contracted by specialist cargo underwriters on behalf of the world’s biggest insurance market; based within the City of London’s financial square mile. London is home to the world’s leading insurance platform, a unique indoor marketplace! Accommodating within and under its umbrella are the very[…] Read More →

Gentle Art of Fly Fishing

The last gift I received from my Mum, before she passed away in 1997 at the age of 72,was a Fly Fishing rod, reel, special ’fly’ line, along with casting lessons. An all-encompassing gift, which to me it has become much more; it’s a Legacy that has opened the door[…] Read More →

Bizarre Employment Interview 1979

In 1979 and again in the early 1982/3 I was hired as the “labour trouble shooter” for contracts in the Middle East. To say my CV, references and interviews were bizarre is an understatement. For example in 1979, an ‘employment interview’ started totally by chance whilst drinking in the Cross[…] Read More →

Working on Oil Rigs 1978

Which is crazier and/or more dangerous? Being caught in high winds whilst working in a suspended cradle 200 ft above the North Sea? OR Getting involved in blood-splattered battles in the construction camp bar?