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Children create their own family bonds

There are six small orphaned children here between the ages of 2 and 4 years old who have formed a family bond. When I give one a biscuit he or she will not leave me until I give them another 5 for their chums; if I don’t they will run[…] Read More →

Mama Sarah Obama 1922- 29 March 2021

Mama Sarah Obama, grandmother of USA President Barack Obama; whom I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours privately with; before she was due to visit her grandson, Barack in Washington DC. She was remarkably sharp and enthusiastic, with a great sense of humor. She talked passionately about her[…] Read More →

Revenge of the Termites

I traveled from Siaya District, crossing the Rift Valley, to a small town on the slopes of Mt Kenya, near Nanyuki, where the British Army has a large base. I booked into a Hotel that caters for Mzungu (white people) who are planning to climb Mt Kenya. That evening there[…] Read More →

Kevin Obote

Kevin Otieno Obote, both parents died and he lived for a time with his Auntie. He arrive at 8yrs with bad asthma, thin and had ringworm. He recovered well after receiving treatment and enjoying a healthy diet. Now doing well at school, he is usually in the top group, studying[…] Read More →

Michael Odimo

I have a choices, Michael Oduor Odimo did not; his father died and mother is still alive. She is poor and unable to provide for his basic needs. Michael was very sick, undernourished and very thin when he arrived. The staff at the orphanage immediately put him on a special[…] Read More →

The Hatch of the Termites

In recent times I have been sitting down to enjoying meals with large groups, not business lunches or ‘contrived’ dinner parties; but with families and/or a collection of friends, this is surprisingly novel to me. I appreciate good food and recognize that I really do enjoy the relaxed banter. Today[…] Read More →