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New Nanny Goat

If I was asked what strikes me most here in rural Kenya, it is the real depth of poverty and pain. Watching children devouring a meal as if it may be their last or until whenever, certainly highlights for me that those in poverty really do live their lives “a[…] Read More →

Diana Otieno

Diana Anyango Otieno mother died and later her stepmother forced her into an early marriage at the age of 16yrs. The stepmother was charged by the courts and Diana was brought to the orphanage. She is back at school studying to go to university and train to be a nurse.

The essential role of Education

I am seeing, first hand, the struggles and sacrifices parents make in a genuine attempt to better the lives of their children through education here in rural Africa. Once I was part of the same experience, disappointing my own parents in not taking the opportunity that I was given. However,[…] Read More →

New vocation as a Teacher

I am no longer painter, there ended up being more paint on the floor, myself and the children! I have a new vocation, as a Teacher, and have been invited around the local schools to give motivational talks about the real benefits of education, and generally discuss modern life in[…] Read More →

Roger vs Cow

In the orphanage there are plenty of chickens with chicks running around and two cows. The larger of the two cows is white and black with “horns”! Fortunately I am not frightened of cows so when the big one decided to have a closer look at me to the amazement[…] Read More →

Collins Onyango

Collins Omondi Onyango lost both parents; father died before he was born and his mother was found dead with him feeding on her milk.. Initially he was cared for by his Grandmother, who sacrificed a lot for him. Due to circumstances it was best that he was admitted into the[…] Read More →

Equator Water Trick Kenya

The local transport are buses which are 14 seat Toyoto, the locals call them Matatu. Last Thursday we traveled a very long distance in a Matatu crossing over the Equator. The number of passengers inside was 21 adults inc me, plus a child. I tried the Equator water test. I[…] Read More →

From Carpenter to Painter

You may notice I am now working as a painter. My days as carpentry have been cut short; my hammer and saw have been confiscated for health and safety reasons. I was given a Kenyan version of an Italian dish > Spaghetti with cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes .


Moses Ochieng at the tender age of 18 months, was found abandoned at Yala railway station. He was sat crying, with his clothes stuffed in a paper bag next to him. Children’s officer found him there, picked him up and took him to the hospital for treatment. Coughing, running nose[…] Read More →


Linet Adiambo Ochiege was found on her way to visit an Auntie in Nairobi; she had be given only 400 shilingis which is insufficient and was made to get off the bus in Nakuru. The police found her adrift on the streets, they put her in prison for 2 months[…] Read More →